Thursday, August 21, 2014

Theme Thursday: Google Image Search

Ahem.  I am linking up with Cari o' the Donaldson Clan for Theme Thursday.  The challenge is to type one's name into Google's Image Search and post the first picture that comes up.  So I typed my first and last name, and here's mine:  

She may very well be a Mitzi (and a very pretty Other Mitzi) but she is not This Mitzi.  No.  I don't show up until the 4th picture. 

Oh, wait - my mistake.  That's Natalie Portman.  I'm in the second row, 6th from the left.  And again in the third row, at the far right.  Yep.  

So, I'll try again, with only my first name, just for fun.  Here goes:

Mitzi Gaynor, very nice!

First, middle, and last names:  

Hey, that's me!  (It was teeny-tiny online, so I just pulled the original.)  

And then this one showed up:  

Yeah, I'm finished with this game.  I'm going to Google Image Search something else now.  Like ...

Cari, you can have your 9th Doctor.  Or 8th.  Or whatever number you want.  I'll take Captain Tightpants any day.  

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stay Classy, San Diego

This morning I put a CostCo diaper box on the curb. In it I placed a used training potty and a used toilet-training seat. I taped a "free" sign to the box's side and walked away.

10 minutes later I drove to the Junior Advisor's little league game to give The Calm One money for a team event. I was wearing my fuzzy, white, terry cloth bathrobe over extremely ratty pjs and bought-out-of-a-stranger's-trunk havaianas navy rubber flip flops (2 sizes too big).

Stay classy, San Diego.

Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes #1

The Calm One will be back tonight!  This was his second week in Chicago for training for HIS NEW JOB!!!  Lemmetellyasomethin' - Chicago is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ways away from San Diego.  2,077 miles away.  A 30 hour drive, sans "traffic incident".  It looks like this:  

Okay, okay.  That's if you're driving and The Calm One will be taking a plane.  Still.

I am going to be very happy to see him!

I've been playing "catch up" on Clan Donaldson and have reached February 15 of last year.  A couple years ago I did the same with House Unseen (which introduced me to Clan Donaldson).

It is very difficult to express how reading these women's blogs affect me.  Sometimes, and many of their readers have expressed this in the comboxes, it's like they're in my head.  It's like watching my life unfold and having a narrator point out different aspects that I'm missing because I'm so deep in the mire.  They have shown me the humor in potty training (talk about being deep in the mire!!!), the joy in being awakened too early by little smiling faces (or child vomit), the peace amidst the chaos of child rearing.  They share the times they yell instead of whisper, sulk instead of smile, lash out instead of step back.  They show me to myself.  And then they share what they've learned, how they've grown, and that they keep going ON and try, try, try again.  And since they're showing me to myself, I know I can keep on, too.

Ugh.  Even though Cari's shown me the humor in potty training, I still hate it.  Is it sinful that one of the comforts of having a husband who refuses to consider having another child is that I am through with potty training?

This website is funny:  I have this as my desktop background and every time I see it I smirk.  

Are You Being Served? is a BBC show that ran from September 1972 through March 1985.  It's is a favorite in my family.  This is one of our favorite episodes.  The bit from 22:19 to 23:10 cracks us up EVERY TIME.

Someday I'll learn how to only put in the bit I really enjoy from youtube clips.

The Calm One just sent me a naughty text in anticipation of our reunion tonight.  We've been together for 13 years, married for 10 1/2, and he can still make me blush.  Happy sigh!

Coquades!  (Still have to write up a post on that word ...)

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Five Favorites - My First Link Up!

This is my third post and my first link up!  I'm excited, nervous and feel like the new kid in school ...  I think the best thing to do is stop babbling and jump right in.


I am loving the's "Pausing to Pray Lenten Reflections for Busy People."  No longer Lent, still receiving them ... not sure why because I don't read the small print and just assumed they would end on Holy Saturday but they're still coming and I LOVE THEM so I'm happy.  Here is where I should put a link but this is my 3rd post and I don't know how to do that fancy stuff so I'm just going to put a clip of what this past Monday's looked like:  

All of the reflections have been from the Diary of St. Faustina and I have not read each-and-every-one but when I do they are just what I need to hear.  Er, just what I need to read.  So far, this one's been my favorite (Diary 1674):  

"In the evening, I went in for a long talk with the Lord Jesus.  ...  
I poured out my whole heart before Him, all my troubles, fears and apprehensions.  
Jesus lovingly listened to me and then said, 
'Be at peace, My child, I am with you.'"

Peace.  Just ... peace.  


This example of The Junior Advisor's writing and coordinating art work from almost a year ago:  
Translation:  "My life is not easy.  My brother and sis are. not easy to handle."  Note the "A" in the bottom right-hand corner.  His kindergarten teacher evidently sympathized with the idea that the younger generations can be difficult.  (!!!)  Also the "." at the end of each line.  I like those, too.  And the expressions on the stick-figure Littles.  I think the Junior Advisor is yelling at The Court Jester and The Princess.  Probably about not touching his scooter (the red-wheeled item to the left).  I don't know why there's a basketball hoop in the house. 


This picture from the front of my parish's bulletin that I have on my desk at work - the bulletin from the Sunday after I began my first full-time job after (9 days short) of five years of being the SAHM I'd always dreamed of being - the full-time job I didn't want to get but was gently nudged toward by the Holy Spirit (that's a story to blog about, maybe) - the full-time job found by The Calm One at a time when we didn't like each other very much (if at all) and were struggling mightily toward ... you know what?  That's another post for another time!  Here's the picture that brings all that to my mind and fills that stressful time with His peace, His light, His hope:
Little by little I learn that He really does know what He's about.  I'm a slow learner.  Thank God He's a patient teacher!  Oh.  Thank You, God!


This picture of The Littles from last summer in Maryland:
This was one of the moments in life when I could stop, look around and realize that this is a little bit of Heaven on Earth and OH MY GOODNESS I want a porch swing in my heavenly home!!!  And lace curtains because there will be no dust or yellowing effects in my heavenly home to necessitate weekly laundering of said wispy pieces of wind dancing delight.  Because there will be breezes in my heavenly home, too.  


My work mugs.  Each has a little story that is happy for me and they're sort of ugly so no one else will steal them.  Plus they're pretty conspicuous and all the walls are made of glass so even if they did steal one I would spot the culprit easily.  And my co-workers are nice and would NEVER steal anything.
Front of the Mugs.
Back of the Mugs.
From Left to Right we have:
San Diego Botanical Garden mug - in the adorable and appropriate shape and color of a terra cotta pot with a picture of a Dragon Tree (DRAGON tree!  Oh, I love it!).  Great place to spend a day, with or without Littles.
Texas mug - in bluebonnet blue with the state flag and a paragraph of "interesting" state facts.  A Goodwill find of the m-i-l which I, er, commandeered as my own because I've lived there (in the same place and at the same time as Dwija!  And Rachael!) and she hasn't.  And she said I could have it because she's wonderful.  
Cosmos Coffee Cafe mug - I've only been to the cafe once and bought the mug because I love the shape.

That was fun!  Maybe I'll do this next week!  Thank you for hosting my first link up, Hallie!

Edit:  Obviously I figured out the link thing after the first fave and went a little overboard.  What is link etiquette?  Is it okay that I linked to Dwija and Rachael?  What say you?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where I Am Right Now


Right now I am at work.  Yes, I have a 9-5.  5:30, actually.  (Does anyone know why Dolly sang about "9 to 5" rather than "8 to 5"?  In the '80s, did lunch time not count as time off the clock?  Or were there only 1/2 hour luncheons for 7.5 hour days?  Which is what I have, actually, if I take an hour lunch.  This is something I've contemplated way too much since entering the work force.)

I am a secretary.  Secretary/office coordinator, which really means The Queen.  Which I'm cut out for, 'cause that's what I always wanted to be.  At work, being The Queen means I am in charge of:

1 - Office Supplies:  storage, distribution, and ordering.

2 - Break Room Supplies:  see Office Supplies.
3 - Scheduling of Meeting Rooms.
4 - Opening and Closing of the Main Doors:  There's a fancy "Locked/Unlocked" switch under my desk.  I'm the Queen Gate Keeper.
5 - Typing Up of Handwritten Edits:  this entails fluency of Lawyer Hieroglyphics.  I am proficient.
6 - Varied Other Secretarial Type Duties Which Are Not Very Interesting At All But Pay Well.


Somewhere between 6 yo and 6.5 yo is a good guess.  Without the potty humor.  I hate potty humor.  But I love children's books.  And Jane Austen.  Maybe I'm between 6 yo and 16 yo.  I definitely have the hormonal crazy thing going on.  Maybe I'm between 6 yo and pre-menopause.


Lent was a lazy time.  Sure, I avoided the soda pop like I said I would, and the Starbucks (not for political reasons, just because I love going there every morning before work and giving it up was a sacrifice).  Other than that, Lent was like every other time of year.  Until Holy Saturday.  Confession Time!  My Confessor did not say anything particularly striking - nothing that I can quote.  It was the Examination of Conscience that whacked me over the head.  The Beatitudes.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  I'd been playing the "I'm a good person" game way too long, avoiding discernment, avoiding really looking at how my actions/attitude/thoughts were affecting everyone around me, how I was expecting everyone to just accept and like me at all moments, no matter how lazy or passive-aggressive or pouty when I don't get my way. Make no mistake - my family does love me, even when I'm a complete brat.  But they don't like Bratty Mitzi very much and definitely don't enjoy being around B.M. (Ha, ha!  Didn't mean to set it up like that, but it makes sense.  Bratty Mitzi is a Total Poop.)  Something needed to change, and it was ME.  How is it that I long for control over every single thing out of my control, but whine and pout and mope that "I can't control my actions!  They're controlled by my emotions and YOU are not entertaining enough to put me in a happy mood so this is YOUR fault!" when in fact the only person I can control is myself?  Not my emotions - my actions.  The ups and downs will come no matter how close to God I am (see:  Mother Theresa, Saint Therese de Lisieux, Saint John of the Cross, etc.), but I can control how I react.  So I am girding up for the battle by easing slowly into personal daily prayer (not just night time prayers with the Littles).  We'll see how well I accomplish that.  As this is not my first attempt, I'm not fooled into thinking it will be easy or that I'll have a perfect record.  Jesus got up again after falling.  

Wow, this is a boring post.  I'm going to put it up anyway because I can and this is only my second attempt and if I wait for every post to be fascinating and perfect nothing will ever get posted. 

Coquades!  (I'll explain that non-existent word in another post.)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Why.

So ... here it is.  My first blog post.  (Is there much rejoicing?  Banners waving?  Minstrels consumed by many-headed beastie?)

This is much more difficult than I supposed.  I think I'll talk about the "why" of this blog to ease myself (and you, Dear Reader) into this Wacky and Wild (hopefully Wonderful) World of ... um, Blogging.  (Is there a "w" word for "blogging"?  "Wordsmithery", perhaps.  Also, am I using the Oxford comma correctly?) 

Ahem.  The Why.

You know, I don't know Why.  Rather, I cannot think of one, concrete Why.  A few reasons pop into my mind, but no one Reason to which I can assign blame attribute taking this desire to spew my internal crazy share my introspective gems of wisdom and growth with whoever is reading this ... Thing.  

You know what?  I'm the Mommy, and I get to do what I want to (unless it's eat a meal without being asked to share.  I can't do that).  So I'm going to make a list of reasons and you can pick whichever you think is the right one:

1 - I've been a Wanna-Be-Journaler since 1988, when my grandmother gifted me a pretty pink journal with a padded cover adorned with a shy mouse and a golden lock and key.  Most of that journal was filled with rants against the Youngest Sister, who I never learned to "just ignore" despite my mother's best efforts. 

2 - My once therapist ("Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord."  He was a good man and I look forward to seeing him again someday.)  recommended journaling to help me through The Great Divide of 2011-2012 and when/while I followed his advice I found he was absolutely right - it was therapeutic, relaxing, and helped to put my internal crazy introspection into its place.

3 - The crazies are creeping back because there's Change and I don't like Change so I mope around the house and snap for-no-good reason at the Littles and the Calm One and for (what seems to me at the time) good reason at the Matriarch.  The Littles, Calm One and Matriarch don't like this and it just makes me unhappy for being so unreasonable (because I do know that being snippy with the Matriarch is really not reasonable no matter how much I want her to be The Villain) so maybe if I document the Change here and edit for too much whining I can put it in its place.  

4 - I've spent a good part of the last 6 or 7 years reading other blogs with great enjoyment and these bloggers make it look so fun and I don't like Missing Out on Fun.  

5 - All of the above.

6 - Inside my rather ordinary exterior lurks an E. Nesbitt just waiting to burst out.  

Oh, I hope it's the last one!