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"The Culprits Who Made Blogging Look Fun"

Last edit - Friday, 25 April 2014

I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this has already read the following ... but everyone else has a blogroll so I must have one, too.  I love rolls.  I like them with butter, cinnamon and sugar.  With tea.

Penelope Jane and the Rayburn Gang - My very first bloggy love.  I attended college with Penelope's mom, Sarah.  She was in the class after mine, and was my sister's friend first.  Actually, we did not hang out a lot in college ... but that was me because I group-hopped a lot.  She is an incredible writer, so funny.  Penelope is amazingly intelligent and perceptive as well.  Also, Sarah is a film buff and watches so many and then critiques them brilliantly.

House Unseen - My second bloggy love - I also went to school with this woman!  I did!  I still remember our first meeting because she complimented my taste in music and no one had EVER complimented my taste in music before. Ever.

Clan Donaldson - Introduced through House Unseen and I obsessively read all the back-posts and eagerly await each new post.  

Non-Domestic Mama - Also went to school with her!  We were roommates!!!  -  Um, I'm really sorry about that, actually, Ras ... I was a HORRIBLE roommate and one time I made her go up a HUGE escalator at the Galleria.  I'm really, really, really sorry about that.

Mama Knows, Honeychild - Stick figures waving bananas, hilarious shark stories, incredible insight into my soul - what's not to love?  This mama looks life in the face and LAUGHS loud!  Then she invites me to join in the fun!!

Time Flies - Oh, how I love her banner!  That little bird slays me every time.  And her "Too Much Talking" posts.  

Conversion Diary - My newest addiction, but I think she's been blogging longer than all the rest!  

SoPo Cottage - I love renovation stories.  I want to live in one of her houses.

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