about me.

This is me in my car before joining the home bound rush hour crowd:
I think I need lipstick.
Born on the east coast, colleged (yes, I made that word up) in the middle, married on the left coast.  

I am a bossy perfectionist prone to yelling, slowly accepting that I don't know it all and I'm not perfect.  I gave up on the yelling long ago and think my husband should, too.  

I like the color red, the sound of waves, Spicy Thai Kettle Chips, Burt's Bees Chapstick, and the smell of roses.


Husband:  The Calm One.  Even when he's really, really angry he never yells - he simmers.  
  Strong and silent.  Gorgeous blue eyes.  Can still make me blush.  Natural athlete.  

He shaved his beard off recently.  I wept.

Eldest Little:  The Junior Advisor, aka The Boss, aka The Helper.  Knows everything.  Natural athlete.  First sentence:  "Mommy, look!  A backhoe!"  
Enjoys reading, science, and math.  Sometimes sulky.  Perfectionist, like me.  
Deepest brown eyes EVER.  

Middle Little:  The Court Jester, aka The Digger, aka The Paterpillar.  Very, very funny.  Imaginative.  Loves to shake his "booty".  Most volatile temper of the three.  
Amazing memory.  LOVES dirt.  A cuddler.  
Has his Daddy's blue eyes.

The Girl:  The Princess (no aka yet).  Nose freckles.  Gives awesome hugs.  
Loves sparkles, pink, purple, dolls, fuzzy animals, and her "boys".  
Skilled at wrapping complete strangers around her pinky finger.  May cry to get her way. 
Beautiful green-blue-gray eyes.

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