Thursday, August 21, 2014

Theme Thursday: Google Image Search

Ahem.  I am linking up with Cari o' the Donaldson Clan for Theme Thursday.  The challenge is to type one's name into Google's Image Search and post the first picture that comes up.  So I typed my first and last name, and here's mine:  

She may very well be a Mitzi (and a very pretty Other Mitzi) but she is not This Mitzi.  No.  I don't show up until the 4th picture. 

Oh, wait - my mistake.  That's Natalie Portman.  I'm in the second row, 6th from the left.  And again in the third row, at the far right.  Yep.  

So, I'll try again, with only my first name, just for fun.  Here goes:

Mitzi Gaynor, very nice!

First, middle, and last names:  

Hey, that's me!  (It was teeny-tiny online, so I just pulled the original.)  

And then this one showed up:  

Yeah, I'm finished with this game.  I'm going to Google Image Search something else now.  Like ...

Cari, you can have your 9th Doctor.  Or 8th.  Or whatever number you want.  I'll take Captain Tightpants any day.  


  1. Love him! I agree… if Cari wants Mr. Big Ears, she can have him!

  2. Um....I'll take them both.
    Did I ever tell the story about how I almost got to name John-Luke after everyone's favorite shiny Cap'n? Yes. For 5 glorious minutes, we had a Malcolm Donaldson, then Ken balked, but agreed to my second favorite starship captain.